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Sunday School class for children in grades K-12

Sunday School for children in grades K-12 is held after the Children’s Time and will take place on the following dates:

  • July 28 and August 11

Sunday School for children & youth in grades K-12 will be held next on July 28 when they will be studying the topic Water. Scriptures from Isaiah 45:18 and Genesis 1:28 tell us that God created the Earth for us to live in, and our responsibility is to care for it. The follow-up Sunday School will be held on August 11, and in keeping with the environmental theme, Air will be the topic.

Please note that classes include middle and high school students. Students will accompany the teacher downstairs at that time. Parents are asked to stay upstairs until the end of class when the teacher will bring the students back upstairs at approximately 11:45 a.m. All families are encouraged to invite a friend along to church and Sunday School!

Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Please visit our Little Free Library in our main parking lot.
The Little Free Library is a wonderful box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share. It is a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. Reading certainly does change lives.

See for more information on how this works.